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Essential Tips After a Car Accident in Las Vegas

Essential Tips to Consider After Experiencing a Car Accident in Las Vegas

No one wants to get involved in an accident. However, according to studies, there is a good chance that someone encounters an accident at least once in 18 years. This means that you will most likely suffer from one or two in your lifetime.

It is important that you know exactly what needs to be done during these circumstances. Whether you have caused the accident or you are a victim of it, the last thing to do is panic. Try to calm your nerves down and think of the necessary actions right away.

If this accident happened in Nevada, the state law says that you need to pullover to the shoulder first to avoid criminal liability. You need to provide first aid help if you have knowledge in doing so for injuries as a result of the accident. You have the responsibility to call for an ambulance or bring the injured party to the hospital. Exchanging information with the other party is also essential. This includes the name, vehicle registration number, address and contact number.

Las Vegas Auto Accident LawyerTake photos of the scene as evidence. Try to recall as hard as you can the moments leading to the accident. It could be the weather or road conditions. Write them down before you forget what happened. It is also advised to stay away from a fight during the accident. Avoid apologizing too. It could be used against you in court.

For accidents that have resulted in property damage, injuries or death, a report must be submitted within 10 days. This is quite a detailed report that must be submitted to the Nevada DMV.

Get auto insurance

It helps if you have auto insurance to avoid thinking about the expenses after the accident. The insurance company will take care of these expenses. Nevada follows a “fault” system. It means that whoever is considered at fault, their insurance company will take care of the payment. Imagine being involved in an accident and you were determined to be at fault, but you don’t have insurance. You have to shoulder the entire expenses that could cost thousands of dollars especially if someone died.

Preparing for lawsuits

The most common lawsuit is negligence. If you are certain that the other party did not exercise reasonable caution during the circumstances leading to the accident, you may sue for negligence. If someone died during the accident, wrongful death may be brought up as the case. If proven guilty, the other party needs to pay for lost wages, funeral expenses and lost companionship. A bigger lawsuit that is rarely filed in court is products liability lawsuit. In this case, the complainant sues the company that manufactured the vehicle. It has to be proven that there was a design error or manufacturing defect that played a major role in the accident.

Time limit

If you are planning to file a lawsuit as a result of the accident, the maximum allowable time in Nevada is two years. Otherwise, the judge will immediately dismiss the claims regardless of the merits. This statute of limitation is in place to protect defendants from an incident that has taken place a long time ago. They can no longer defend themselves well if a lot of time has passed.

Be protected

It helps that you have a lawyer by your side when filing a lawsuit. It could cost a lot. However, if you think that a lawsuit is necessary, go for it. There are free legal services in Nevada that you can avail of. To be sure though, hire quality attorneys specializing in an auto accident.

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